Cause of Baby with large thymus?

Answer the liver

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Thymus Enlargement?

The thymus gland is located just behind the breastbone and in front of the heart. An important endocrine gland, it regulates the proper functioning of the immune system. The thymus's growth normall... Read More »

Where is the thymus gland located?

The thymus gland is a small organ involved in the lymphatic system. The thymus is located over the heart, behind the sternum and above the aorta. The thymus decreases in size after puberty.Source:I... Read More »

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What hormone does the thymus gland produce?

The thymus gland produces hormones called thymosins. Thymosins are involved in stimulating the growth of T lymphocytes, which help regulate the immune system. They also stimulate the production of ... Read More »