Cause & Effect Writing Activities?

Answer Understanding cause-effect relationships helps students develop analytical thinking skills. A causal analysis writing assignment teaches critical thinking and organization in addition to writing sk... Read More »

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Writing a Cause & Effect Essay?

There are several different types of essays, each with its own goal. The purpose of a cause and effect essay is to convince your audience that certain actions produce certain consequences. There ar... Read More »

Rules for Writing a Cause & Effect Essay?

Does your English professor require that you write a cause-effect essay? Are you debating in the local school competition? Look no further! Writing effective cause-effect essays is just one method... Read More »

Factors Which May Have an Effect on a Pupil's Writing?

If you're a parent or teacher whose student has a problem with writing skills, it can be a frustrating experience. He may be falling behind peers in class, getting poor grades and even acting out d... Read More »

Writing the Conclusion to a Cause & Effect Essay?

A cause-and-effect essay explores the causes of events or phenomena in the number of words specified by the instructor. These essays may focus on the causes, the effects or both; they may be writte... Read More »