Caucasians and Baths...?

Answer I know what you mean. I'm technically Caucasian, but I don't take any offense to you asking this question, because I know some white people don't know what a bath is!Now I bathe everyday. I only wa... Read More »

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Can caucasians have sickle cell?

Sickle cell disease originated in Africa and primarily impacts people of African descent. The disease is present, however, in southern Europeans. People with Corsican, Italian, Greek, Turkish and C... Read More »

Types of Skin Nits on Caucasians?

Nits are the eggs of lice found on the body. Caucasians, along with all other races, are able to contract nits on the skin. The nits will then develop into lice and feed on human blood. The lice wi... Read More »

Caucasians / whites have an advantage in life?

I think that white people have an advantage to a certain extent. BUT I think it's much easier to get special privileges if you're a minority. I applied for student financial aid last year. I have a... Read More »

Do Caucasians look more manly than Asians(10 points)?

No I'd say its the other way around, Asians for the most part in contrast to Caucasain males have softer more delicate features, commonly featured in females. For examples Caucasions on average hav... Read More »