Cats & Plant Allergies?

Answer Much like people, cats can have specific and severe allergies to a number of substances, including plants. Although unable to articulate their discomfort or the source of the irritant, cats can fin... Read More »

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Triamcinolone Allergies in Cats?

Definition Triamcinolone is a prescription steroid medication used to treat arthritis and some skin allergies, the most common being atopic dermatitis. While people can use triamcinolone, veterinar... Read More »

Can cats get respiratory allergies?

Respiratory allergies in cats are common. Symptoms include sneezing and coughing. Your cat may also wheeze while breathing. Usually a cat's respiratory allergies are not caused by irritants like po... Read More »

Which cats do not cause allergies?

There are three types of cats that will not cause an allergic reaction. Cornish Rex and Devon Rex are both short-haired hypoallergenic cats. The Sphinx breed is the third type, which has almost no ... Read More »

Do cats suffer from allergies?

According to the non-profit cat health care organization Pawprints and Purrs, allergies are a common condition in cats. There are four major types of cat allergies: contact, flea, food and inhalant... Read More »