Catholic Children's Activities for Applying the Ten Commandments?

Answer Learning the fundamentals of the Ten Commandments can be fun and interesting with the right tools, introductory materials and suggestions for understanding. Engage small children by utilizing brigh... Read More »

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Bible Activities for the Ten Commandments?

The Ten Commandments are ten rules that God set down for His people in the Old Testament. Moses brought them down from Mount Sinai to share with the rest of the Israelites. Today, Christians and Je... Read More »

Ten Commandments Activities for Toddlers?

A toddler's brain develops rapidly in infancy and continues to mature throughout childhood. Thus you can ensure you take advantage of this stage by teaching your toddler the right virtues that they... Read More »

Catholic Classroom Activities?

If you teach at a Catholic school, it only makes sense that Catholicism will play some a role in your lesson plans. But it's not enough to have the students attend mass. You can also incorporate ac... Read More »

Activities for First Grade Catholic Children?

Meaningful activities for first grade Catholic children can help generate in them a better understanding of their faith. Instead of rote memorization, lessons that are engaging, using song and craf... Read More »