Catering Sales Techniques?

Answer Tough economy or not, being in the catering business means you have to battle competition and be willing to wow potential customers into believing you are the best person for the job. No matter if ... Read More »

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Catering Sales Training?

Catering falls into the food and beverage services industry and the hospitality management industry, depending upon the type of catering operation featured. It offers an array of career options, fr... Read More »

Outside Sales Techniques?

Outside sales can be a lucrative but difficult job. Unlike inside sales where the clients come to you, an outside salesperson is constantly in search of new business and needs to take various trips... Read More »

Consultative Sales Techniques?

As the sales profession has evolved, so have the methodologies used throughout it. The days of pushing products on prospective customers based on company rather than customer needs is, thankfully, ... Read More »

Key Sales Promotion Techniques?

Sales promotion techniques are used to help boost sales. A number of possible types of sales promotions exist, ranging from discounts to giveaways. An effective or key promotional technique is one ... Read More »