Catapult Projects?

Answer Building a catapult serves as an excellent class activity for lessons on projectile motion or medieval warfare. An engaging project, catapult building requires inexpensive construction materials --... Read More »

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School Projects With a Catapult?

Science projects allow students to use the concepts they have learned in class to create a physical representation of the concept. A catapult uses the basics of the simple machine known as a lever ... Read More »

9th-Grade Catapult Projects?

The average ninth-grade curriculum gives students the opportunity to take algebra and physical science courses. In these classes, students learn principles that govern simple machines like the cata... Read More »

High School Catapult Projects?

Teach your students the physics of motion with a hands-on high school catapult project. Students can work independently on small catapults or as groups on table-top or large-scale catapults. The pr... Read More »

How to Calculate Catapult Force?

A force acts about a catapult's point of rotation in order to hurl an object through the air, often as a weapon. The driving force of the catapult is best measured as a "moment," or the amount of r... Read More »