Catalytic Converter Problem Symptoms?

Answer While a catalytic converter is designed to last 10 years or more, several variables can make it die sooner. Nowadays, vehicles employ more than one converter, which increases the chances of interna... Read More »

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What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Catalytic Converter?

It's not easy to diagnose without a mechanic, but numerous symptoms can point to a bad catalytic converter. The catalytic converter's purpose is to change hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen... Read More »

Catalytic Converter Failure Symptoms?

A catalytic converter is a device meant to reduce the extent of impurity in a vehicle's emissions. The converter can fail because of internal damage or external factors such as mishandling, improp... Read More »

Symptoms of Catalytic Converter Damage?

Catalytic converters are used in internal combustion engines to reduce harmful carbon monoxide emissions. They also break down nitrogen oxides to nitrogen and oxygen and hydrocarbons into water and... Read More »

Symptoms of a Plugged Catalytic Converter?

Catalytic converters have been mandatory on cars in the United States since 1978, and are a part of a car's exhaust emission control system. Catalytic converters burn off excess, unused hydrocarbon... Read More »