Cat or dog which tastes better?

Answer cat is more tender and tastes similar to rabbit, dog can be tough and gamy

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What tastes better,?

Root beer. I can almost taste the caffeine in the Mountain dew, which I don't like that much. And yes, the brand does make a lot of difference with root beer!

Which one tastes better?

Why everything tastes like chicken?

Because chicken is very bland and barely has any flavor for itself. Plus it is very popular billions of chickens eaten a year. So any other meat that is similar will "taste" like chicken since that... Read More »

What food tastes best?

I love Indian food, especially the tandoori chicken, and butter chicken. I also love the way they cook basmati rice, with the peas, and cumin, it is really good. I also love Greek food, the souvl... Read More »