Cat Saliva & Contact Dermatitis?

Answer Cats are one of the most allergenic pets in households, with approximately 25 percent of Western households experiencing allergies from felines, according to a study conducted by Mo... Read More »

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Facial dermatitis?

I had the same thing medication did not work because actually what I had was fluoride toxicity. doctors do not want to believe this I don't know why everyone I run into that has it says the same t... Read More »

Organic Facial Cleansers for Contact Dermatitis & Rosacea?

Persons suffering from contact dermatitis and rosacea suffer from extremely sensitive skin which is prone to inflammation, itch, redness and irritation. A sensitive organic facial cleanser for thes... Read More »

Is dermatitis contagious?

I have really bad dermatitis which I've had for the last 3 years. Dermatitis is not contagious. My dermatitis is caused by hot water, soap, detergent, cleaning products, chlorine etc.

How to Treat Dermatitis?

If you have ever had a bout of dermatitis, you are familiar with the misery it can produce, including severe itching, blistering and even pain. While dermatitis has many causes, some of the most co... Read More »