Cat Makes Coughing Noises?

Answer Regardless of the underlying reason, your cat makes coughing noises because its throat, airways or lungs are being irritated. If your cat has a cough for more than 24 hours, or if it has something ... Read More »

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My tv makes noises like creaking noises all night?

My Magnavox TV Makes Clicking Noises?

Tracking down the clicking noise emanating from your Magnavox television can border on detective work. You must eliminate possibilities until you find the source of the sound, then you can determin... Read More »

MacBook Will Not Boot & Only Makes Noises?

When you press its power button you expect your MacBook to chime, display the Apple logo, and boot up properly. When it doesn't, you can feel helpless: how can you figure out what's wrong if you ca... Read More »

Furnace Makes Whistling Noises?

If a furnace is making whistling noises, there are several probable causes. While some of the reasons are simple in nature and can be fixed by the homeowner, some of the other potential sources of ... Read More »