Cat Genetics When Breeding?

Answer Cat genetics aspects considered when breeding a cat may be such things as DNA, color, health, sex, eyes and personality. Many special characteristics are considered in order to breed the perfect fe... Read More »

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Genetics of Munchkin Cat Breeding?

Munchkin cats are a naturally occurring type of dwarf cat with unusually short legs. A genetic mutation causes this trait in cats, affecting the long bones of the front and rear legs, according to ... Read More »

When is hummingbird breeding season?

Different types of hummingbirds have contrasting breeding seasons, although most start in the late winter or early spring. Ruby-throated hummingbirds breed from March to July; Anna’s hummingbirds... Read More »

How to Identify when Gouramis Are Breeding?

This is how to tell if your gouramis are breeding.

When is breeding season for western painted turtles?

The western painted turtle breeding season is from late spring to early summer. Female turtles will lay 4 to 15 soft-shell oval eggs in a shallow hole within 200 yards of water.References:Washingto... Read More »