Cat Fleas Life Cycle?

Answer Fleas are parasites that feed on a cat's blood for survival. The bites irritate the cat, causing it to scratch. More significantly, the bites can lead to infections and lower the immunities in a ca... Read More »

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Life Cycle of Sphenophyta?

Sphenophyta, also known as horsetails or foxtails, are a class of plants related to ferns. They grow in moist areas and are characterized by a single central stack with needle-like leaves growing r... Read More »

What does star life cycle mean?

Stars go through multiple stages from creation to "death." The phases of a star's life cycle are protostar, fusion ignition, main sequence, red giant or super giant and white dwarf or black hole. W... Read More »

What is the life cycle for ascarids?

Ascarids (roundworms) can infect many species. They become adults while living in the small intestine of the host. They can have a complex life cycle.IngestionThe animal ingests an ascarid egg, eit... Read More »

Life Cycle of a Whipworm?

The whipworm (trichuris vulpis) commonly infects dogs. The small two-inch worms reside in the intestinal tract of the canine where the large intestine joins with the small intestine. The worm sport... Read More »