Case fans........?

Answer I have built a few machines with this case, the fans are 80mm and there are 5 of them.I wouldn't worry about CFM too much. You are going to have 5 fans running plus your PS fan(s). That will be ple... Read More »

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How to Install Case Fans?

The hardware inside of a computer case generates a lot of heat. Excessive heat buildup causes hardware failure and random computer shutdowns. Case fans pull cool air into and exhaust hot air out of... Read More »

How to Connect Case Fans?

Insufficient cooling is a common source of computer malfunction. Hard drives and system processors, or CPUs, are especially vulnerable to overheating due to insufficient cooling. Installing additio... Read More »

How to connect 4 case fans to mainboard?

Go to and get a fan power adapter wire that plugs into a 4 prong power wire. About $3.

Any good 92mm case fans?

Nope, most of 'em are not as good as the other fans...Good luck!