Case dismissed with prejudice?

Answer A case dismissed with prejudice means it can not ever be brought again. A case dismissed without prejudice may be brought again as long as the statute of limitations governing the case has not expi... Read More »

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Can I be retried if my case was dismissed?

The Fifth Amendment prohibits governments from prosecuting a defendant in criminal proceedings more than once for the same crime. There are exceptions: where prosecution has been dismissed "without... Read More »

How to Have a Case Dismissed?

Case dismissal, whereby the charges against a defendant are legally discharged, can only occurs if the judge or prosecution decides to discontinue the case. Having a case dismissed requires that th... Read More »

Can your bankruptcy case be dismissed if you owe taxes?

A bankruptcy case cannot be dismissed solely for owing back taxes. In fact, some back taxes can be included in a bankruptcy. However, according to, a case can be dismissed if back... Read More »

Is a DUI still on your record if the case is dismissed?

While the laws do vary among jurisdictions, a DUI arrest will usually stay on your record, even if the case is dismissed, unless you go through the process of expunging the arrest. The arrest will ... Read More »