Case Study on Child for Psych Class?

Answer I'm not sure if you are asking for something to observe the child doing or not, but I too had to do a case study on different children for my psych class. What about doing a Piaget experiment. I di... Read More »

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I have to do an experiment concerning ptsd and present my results in my psych class. Any ideas would be nice?

How do you experiment with PTSD? That sounds cruel!

How is a home study for a custody case different from an adoption home study?

A parent or parents who will love, protect and nurture the child(ren), who has been prepared, trained approved and licensed by the appropriate people. A child who is (children who are) available fo... Read More »

Does the psych iPhone case fit the iPhone 4S?

How to Do a Case Study?

A case study is an inquiry into an event by either an individual or an organization. It is produced through systematic research, analysis and reporting. Case studies cite professional or scientific... Read More »