Cartoon Characters on Facebook to prevent child abuse?

Answer It's due to the death threat they received due to the pedobear prophet cartoon

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Why are people changing their picture on Facebook to cartoon characters?

Apparently its for a good cause. I think its to help the self-confidence of the cross dressing insecure white asian wannabes.

Is there anyone NOT doing the "Childhood cartoon characters as profile pictures" on Facebook?

Just wow, I have a cousin who comes from an abusive home and I think this cause is really nice. Even if it is just a fad, I hope there are some people who care about this cause.

How much does it cost to prevent child abuse?

That's a GREAT question! Let's figure this out: 1999- There was a reported 3,000,244,000 calls of alleged maltreatment reported to CPS agencies From 1987-1997 the calls increased 45% (could have ... Read More »

How can preteens and teens ages 12-14 prevent reoffenses of physical child abuse?

Answer Only qualified professionals can lead the teen and parents in the right direction. By being physically abused there are a lot of issues the teen has that must be faced and dealt with so th... Read More »