Carpool Rules?

Answer Carpools are beneficial for the environment. They help to reduce the amount of cars on the road and harmful carbon emissions in the ozone. However, carpools can become a headache without proper est... Read More »

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CHP Rules for the Carpool Lane?

The California Highway Patrol, or CHP, is the primary traffic law enforcement arm in the state of California. The CHP's main duty is to make sure that the state's roads and highways are safe and or... Read More »

How to Carpool?

Carpooling saves gas, money, and sometimes, time.Carpooling makes sense - after all, it saves money, fuel, and the environment, but figuring out a sensible arrangement isn't always easy. Sometimes ... Read More »

How to Behave in a Carpool?

Hopefully, these dos and don’ts of car pooling and ridesharing will help you have a smooth commute into work every day.

What is a carpool law?

Carpool laws are laws regulating the use of carpool lanes. Most common in Southern California, carpool lanes are lanes on the freeway reserved for vehicles with two or more people inside. Carpool l... Read More »