Carotid Endarterectomy?

Answer When carotid arteries become clogged, the result is an insufficient flow of blood and oxygen to the brain. This can result in a fatal or disabling stroke. Measures must be taken to prevent this, an... Read More »

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What is carotid artery surgery?

The carotid arteries deliver oxygen to the brain. Buildup of cholesterol and fatty substances can narrow these arteries, which can lead to a stroke. In some cases, the arteries may need to be surgi... Read More »

How long could you live with a blocked carotid artery?

On One Hand: Multiple IssuesThe carotid arteries are an important set of vessels that supply freshly oxygenated blood to the head and brain. If one or more of these vessels are blocked, stroke, tra... Read More »

Malignant Tumor Wrapped Around Carotid Artery?

What sort of tumour is it? Every sort of tumour has a name. I had a tumour wrapped around the artery. They scraped it off.

Can doctors clear carotid arteries that are completely blocked?

According to Dr. Daniel Clair, Chairman of the Department of Vascular Surgery at Cleveland Clinic, it is possible to fix carotid arteries that are completely blocked. Unfortunately, the risks assoc... Read More »