Carnivorous Plants of the Indonesian Tropical Rainforests?

Answer The Republic of Indonesia spans more than 13,000 islands. This archipelago extends between Malaysia and Australia, and is rife with carnivorous plants. This has a lot to do with the soil compositio... Read More »

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Easy Tropical Carnivorous Plants?

Tropical carnivorous plants come in shades of green and scarlet with open throats, bladders, trap doors or hairs tipped with glistening, insect-trapping stickiness. Despite resembling complex life ... Read More »

Features of Trees in Tropical Rainforests?

More than two-thirds of the world's plants reside in tropical rainforests, according to the California Institute of Technology, where they sustain not only the rainforest ecosystem but provide oxyg... Read More »

Abiotic Characteristics Affecting Tropical Rainforests?

Containing the highest diversity and complexity of life found anywhere on Earth, the humid, evergreen, tropical rainforest, commonly known as the "tropical rainforest," is found along equatorial re... Read More »

The Native Plants of Temperate Rainforests?

While the word "rainforest" conjures images of hot tropical jungles, rainforests can and do exist all over the world. A temperate rainforest is any forest in the temperate zone which receives a cer... Read More »