Carnival Cruise Ship Rules?

Answer Carnival Cruise lines began operation in 1972 out of founder Ted Arison's home. In the beginning, Carnival had only one ship in operation. As of April 2010, Carnival has a fleet of 80 vessels and c... Read More »

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How big is a Carnival cruise ship?

Carnival Cruise Lines has an array of ships in its fleet. The smallest is the "Fantasy" ship, with a gross weight of 70,000 tons. The largest is the "Dream" ship, with a gross weight of 130,000 ton... Read More »

Can you take your laptop on a Carnival cruise ship?

Carnival allows passengers to take laptops on board its cruise ships, providing the laptop is used with caution. Carnival cruise ships offer Wi-Fi connections via a ship-to-shore communication link... Read More »

Has a carnival cruise ship ever sunk?

No Carnival Cruise ship has ever sunk, although there has been some major accidents. In November 2010, a major engine fire disabled the "Splendor" and left 3,300 passengers stranded. Carnival presi... Read More »

What is the largest carnival cruise ship?

The "Carnival Dream" is the largest Carnival cruise ship as of April 2010. The 130,000-ton ship sails from Port Canaveral to the Caribbean and offers passengers an 18 hole minigolf course, adults o... Read More »