Caribbean Plants & Seeds?

Answer The Caribbean is renowned for its sandy beaches, crystal blue waters and excellent weather. For decades, its many islands have been the holiday destinations of choice for travelers from around the ... Read More »

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Plants in the Caribbean Ocean?

The Caribbean Sea is home to a multitude of plant life and is a popular destination for scuba enthusiasts and snorkelers. While the Caribbean holds a diverse population of fish, its flora are just ... Read More »

Plants That Live in the Sea of the Caribbean?

The Caribbean is a 1,063,000-square-mile sea that abuts the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. It is home to Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola, and numerous other islands, and touches the coasts of Mex... Read More »

Something looking like a pepper grows among chilli plants has seeds that look like chilli seeds but is solidly-fleshed bright red and spherical about the size of a child's marble It has no pungency?

Answered my own question with the help of the local herbarium. It's a Jerusalem cherry and it's poisonous (though clearly not to the birds who keep planting them).Very decorative; I've moved the pl... Read More »

Do Mum Plants Have Seeds?

Many chrysanthemums produce seeds, including mums people don't often recognize as mums such as Shasta daisies, feverfew and tricolor or other heirloom daisies. Fall-blooming hybrid chrysanthemums o... Read More »