Careers to Choose From for a Political Science PhD?

Answer If you are considering pursuing a program of study that will eventually lead to a PhD in political science, there are a number of fields in which you can seek employment once you've been awarded yo... Read More »

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How to Choose a Political Party?

Do you, for whatever reason need or want to join a political party? Are you unsure which you want to join? Well this can help!

Is a political science degree a BA or a BS?

Some colleges and universities offer political science only as a B.A. program, but many offer it as both. The B.A. track generally requires more liberal arts and language courses, and the B.S. trac... Read More »

PhD in Political Science Jobs?

Political science is the study of political processes, systems, public policy, political behavior and the government. There are many sub-fields such as American, environmental, international or glo... Read More »

The Best Political Science Books?

Any foundation in political science begins with a familiarity with the texts that have reflected their time and helped define the future course of political science. Political leaders have read and... Read More »