Careers in Education Other Than Teaching?

Answer Education professionals play an important role in helping children prepare for the future. The greatest number of education professionals are teachers, but there are several education careers other... Read More »

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Non-Education Careers With an Education Degree?

Most people become education majors in college to become teachers. But some teachers, for any number of reasons, may decide to change careers. There are options out there for former teachers or you... Read More »

Why does one eye look bigger than the other, and have more eyelashes than the other?

Its normal, none of your body partys will be exactly the same Like your arms, one might be longer than the other. The same goes for your legs, eyes, nostrils, ears, etc :)

ESL Teaching Careers?

People who are interested a career teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) have several options. Students in America and throughout the world need to learn English, which is fast becoming the m... Read More »

Why do people consider Montessori, Waldorf and Reggio Emilia education to be better than traditional education?

Wow, good question! I would say it's because those 3 theories incorporate the natural development of learning and growth into their curricula. They allow children to grow and progress in a natura... Read More »