Careers for History & Anthropology Majors?

Answer While many undergraduate history and anthropology majors go on to continue their education by pursuing further degrees, many career possibilities await those who chose to enter the workforce after ... Read More »

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Schools With Anthropology Majors?

The growth of humanity concerns anthropologists, who want to understand life's biggest questions as applied to the history and future of society. Many colleges offer anthropology classes, but schoo... Read More »

Careers in Physical Anthropology?

Physical anthropology is the study of social and biological human evolution. The field of physical anthropology offers a variety of career options. In his article, "A Career in Biological Anthropol... Read More »

Anthropology Careers in Corporations?

When Margaret Mead attended university to receive her anthropology training in the early 1920s, neither men nor women expected to use their degrees to land jobs with corporations. They headed for e... Read More »

Careers for Advertising Majors?

There a several career paths you can choose from if your are majoring in advertising. The path you select depends on whether you choose to specialize in a certain area of advertising and the goals ... Read More »