Careers That Don't Involve Taking Any Math Classes in College?

Answer The good news for students who hate math is that after high school, great options exist for further eduction that don't require more math classes. College education and career paths exist that dodg... Read More »

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What Are Some Careers That Involve Chemistry?

Chemists use common everyday materials to develop more advanced applications/materials. Chemists work in many industries, including government, agriculture, pharmaceuticals and medicine. Chemists p... Read More »

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The Pros & Cons for Taking Math & Science Classes in High School?

High school math and science classes are not for everyone. Even though they are usually required until a certain grade level, some students excel while others struggle. Before deciding whether to c... Read More »

Problems That Involve Combinatorics in Math?

Combinatorics deals with combining objects, people or sets of numbers in specified ways. Problems in this branch of mathematics start out concrete and become more and more abstract as the classes b... Read More »