Care of Littmann Stethoscopes?

Answer Since its humble invention in 1819, the stethoscope has become the most widely recognized piece of equipment in medicine. Renowned cardiologist and Harvard Medical School professor, David Littmann,... Read More »

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What is the origin of stethoscopes?

Physician Rene Theophile-Hyacinthe Laennec invented the stethoscope. He devised the idea while treating a patient when he hesitated to put his head to her chest to listen to her heart. He then foun... Read More »

How to Buy a Littmann Electronic Stethoscope?

The Littmann name is owned by 3M, a company that develops products in dozens of markets internationally. As of October 2010, 3M employed 75,000 people and conducted $23 billion in annual sales.

Which littmann master cardiology stethoscope is better?

On One Hand: The 27-Inch Tubing Is BestEight of the nine Master Cardiology stethoscopes available differ only in color; their other specifications are identical. All eight of these stethoscopes fea... Read More »

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