Care of False Eyelashes?

Answer False eyelashes are a dramatic way to bring more attention to your eyes and give them more definition. You can find an inexpensive pair at the drugstore, or pay more for a nicer set at a department... Read More »

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How to Make Eyelashes Look Thicker Without False Eyelashes?

Lush, thick eyelashes are a staple of most celebrities' and models' beauty looks, and most of them depend on false eyelashes to achieve them. But if you're like most busy women, you simply don't ha... Read More »

How to Use False Eyelashes?

Sometimes it's fun to go for glamour with false eyelashes. Whether you apply a few singles to create a subtle change, or full lashes for optimal drama, you may want to practice first: this can be o... Read More »

Are you a fan of false eyelashes?

nopes..i fear that they'd fall off during the night.. or HALF fall off.. (embarassing..)also i HATE taking them off... it's like ripping off my natural lashes.. i may as well use mascara :O)

How to Put on False Eyelashes MAC?

MAC cosmetics company is a socially conscious business that includes products that work for all different races and skin types. Their fake eyelash line has 24 different styles of lashes. For a less... Read More »