Care for Algae?

Answer Algae is something most aquarium owners struggle to remove from their pets' habitat, but in a classroom setting caring for algae can be educational and, at times, painstaking. There are many types... Read More »

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How to Care for Your Hair After You've Been Swimming in an Algae Infested Lake?

For all the times you have swam in an algae infested lake, and came out with a hideous green tint to your hair here is a solution.

Would Obama's new care plan decrease health care cost and increase access to care?

Algae in Grass?

Algae are small threadlike plants that form a layer of scum on water or soil surfaces. These unicellular or multicellular plants thrive in moist, warm, sunny lawn areas that are inhospitable to gra... Read More »

How to Grow Algae in a Pot?

By reading this article you can grow your own algae. Algae cleans the water and add oxygen to it. means you can have alot of water to drink if it is uncleaned and unabled to be drinked.