Cardiac Nurse Specialist Requirements?

Answer Cardiac nurse specialists work in tandem with the cardiology team to treat patients ill with heart disease or recovering from heart or pacemaker surgery. Duties include administering treatments and... Read More »

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Is a registered nurse first assistant a clinical nurse specialist?

A registered nurse first assistant is not a clinical nurse specialist. A CNS is a specialized nurse practitioner, with similar responsibilities as a physician. A RNFA must be a certified perioperat... Read More »

What is it called if i want to be an ICU cardiac nurse practioner?

You are most welcome, it has an exalted status, we are always short of iCU/CCU trained cardiac nurses. It is one of highly paying too, but you will have to work hard. Specialization better in CCU, ... Read More »

Cardiac Nurse Practitioner Programs?

The increased incidence of conditions such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol has resulted in a demand for trained health care professionals who can treat these conditions and teach the pu... Read More »

How much money does a cardiac nurse make?

According to, cardiac nurses with an registered nursing (RN) license earned a median hourly salary of $24.86 in November 2009, while those who were licensed practical nurses (LPNs) bro... Read More »