Cardiac Anatomy?

Answer Cardiac anatomy consists of the physical structure of the heart. According to Gray's Anatomy, one can describe the heart as "a hollow muscular organ of somewhat conical form," laying in the chest ... Read More »

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In Grey's Anatomy What Grey's anatomy star had a role on sesame street as private you?

What is the cardiac diet?

Patients who are overweight--yet need heart surgery quickly--take part in a program known as the cardiac diet. This is the same type of diet that's used by patients in the weeks after surgery, and ... Read More »

Cardiac Sounds?

You should be able to hear samples on the internet. There are many DVDs and CDs with heart sounds, but most of them you have to pay for, even to listen over the net. Give it a try by searching...... Read More »

Cardiac Dietitians?

Many cardiac conditions can be improved by working with a dietitian or qualified nutritionist. The majority of cardiac nutritionists are found working in cardiac rehabilitation programs to assist c... Read More »