Card Magic: How to Palm Cards?

Answer Card magic, card tricks or slights of hand using cards is a means of amusement and amazement that captivates audiences from 8 to 80. These are skills that require a great deal of practice and some ... Read More »

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How to Lay Out Cards on the Table in Magic the Gathering?

Objects on this table are a bit larger than normalUnderstanding the table layout of Magic the Gathering is a key hurdle to overcome in learning the game. The layout is as customizable as the player... Read More »

Are Angels vs. Demons Magic cards tournament legal?

Wizards of the Coast released a Duel Deck for their popular "Magic: The Gathering" card game featuring angels battling demons. This deck, known as Divine Vs. Demonic, offers a variety of reprinted... Read More »

Can the Palm Pre use a SIM card?

The original Sprint version of the Palm Pre phone does not use a SIM card, nor does the newer Palm Pre Plus for Verizon. Palm recently released an AT&T version of the Palm Pre Plus that does use a ... Read More »

How to Do Card Magic?

So....many of your audience says like this "Your just looking at my card!" or something the same.This card trick will amaze your audiences.You can also read their minds!