Card Games for Elementary Math Lessons?

Answer Math games with playing cards are almost always a hit with elementary students. Whereas the students feel as if they are getting a break from the typical lesson plan, the teacher recognizes that t... Read More »

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Lessons on How to Simplify Fractions in Elementary Math?

Fractions describe parts of a whole number. The numerator, or top number in the fraction, describes the number of parts available. The denominator describes the total number of parts. Help students... Read More »

How to Make Elementary Math Fraction Lessons?

When making elementary math lessons about fractions teachers need to cover a number of big ideas. These ideas include (1) fractional pieces are parts of one whole thing, (2) the denominator (bottom... Read More »

Elementary School Math Lessons on Factors?

Factors are numbers that are multiplied together. In the number sentence 2 x 4 = 8, "2" and "4" are factors. Factors can be composite numbers (numbers with more than two factors), prime numbers (nu... Read More »

Math Lessons & Games?

Mathematics remains a subject that is avoided and generally met with a groan. The importance of not only a working knowledge of basic mathematics through algebra cannot be overstated. Math is all a... Read More »