Carburetor Float Valve Tips?

Answer Many vehicles depend on carburetors to regulate the fuel supply that is delivered to the engine during acceleration. Often, there comes a point in the engine's life when the carburetor must be rebu... Read More »

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How to Replace the Float Valve and Seat on a Walbro Carburetor?

Replacing the float valve and seat of the Walbro carburetor is a job that takes a steady hand, but is not difficult to do. The interior parts of the carburetor are small, making it challenging to r... Read More »

Carburetor Float Problems?

Carburetors blend fuel and air to produce the combustion mix used by internal combustion engines. Carburetors use a float, or float chamber, to store ready-to-use fuel at near-atmospheric pressure ... Read More »

How to Free Up the Float in a Carburetor?

You're driving along when suddenly, your vehicle chokes and sputters to a halt, starved of fuel -- or you are driving along just fine and suddenly, your exhaust system begins to belch black smoke. ... Read More »

How to Check a Carburetor Float?

Although many people consider carburetors to be simpler than fuel injection, a lot of things have to operate correctly and in sequence for a carbureted vehicle to even run, let alone run well. Whe... Read More »