Carburetor Float Problems?

Answer Carburetors blend fuel and air to produce the combustion mix used by internal combustion engines. Carburetors use a float, or float chamber, to store ready-to-use fuel at near-atmospheric pressure ... Read More »

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How to Check a Carburetor Float?

Although many people consider carburetors to be simpler than fuel injection, a lot of things have to operate correctly and in sequence for a carbureted vehicle to even run, let alone run well. Whe... Read More »

How to Free Up the Float in a Carburetor?

You're driving along when suddenly, your vehicle chokes and sputters to a halt, starved of fuel -- or you are driving along just fine and suddenly, your exhaust system begins to belch black smoke. ... Read More »

How to Set a Float Level on a Holley Carburetor?

The floats on a Holley carburetor control fuel delivery by regulating the amount of fuel the pump can bring into the carburetor. If the float valve is set too low, known as running "lean," the car... Read More »

How to Set the Float Level on a Weber Carburetor?

Setting the float height on a Weber carburetor is important to the proper operation of the engine. Any time a new or rebuilt carburetor is used, the float height must be checked. A float level that... Read More »