Carburetor Facts?

Answer The purpose of a carburetor is to blend fuel and air for ignition in an internal combustion engine. Since they were invented in the late-nineteenth century, carburetors have evolved along with othe... Read More »

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Is my carburetor too big?

On One Hand: Airflow Requirements.The factory carburetor was designed to flow a suitable amount of air based on the way the car was equipped. If other performance modifications have been made, it's... Read More »

How to Set a Carburetor?

On vehicles without a fuel injection system, the carburetor controls how much oxygen and fuel is delivered to the engine for combustion. If the carburetor isn't set correctly and allows a mixture t... Read More »

How to Rebuild a CV Carburetor?

A carburetor is a mechanical device that combines air and fuel in an internal combustion engine. The carburetor controls the flow of air into an engine; the speed of the air determines the amount o... Read More »