Carburetor Acceleration Valve FAQ?

Answer Carburetor accelerator valves, more commonly called accelerator pumps, are an internal part of the carburetor and generally not serviceable unless the top of the carburetor is disassembled. When th... Read More »

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How to Clean the Needle Valve on a Carburetor?

Most carburetors that use needle valves are the Rochester Quadrajet, Edlebrock and Carter AFB carburetors. The needle jet is a long thin rod tapered at the bottom that is placed in the inlet side o... Read More »

Carburetor Float Valve Tips?

Many vehicles depend on carburetors to regulate the fuel supply that is delivered to the engine during acceleration. Often, there comes a point in the engine's life when the carburetor must be rebu... Read More »

How to Adjust the Carburetor Needle Valve?

Mechanical slide and constant velocity carburetors used on motorcycles use a needle valve to control fuel flow through the main jet. The tapered needle is fastened in the slider portion of the uppe... Read More »

How to Replace the Power Valve on a Holley Carburetor?

Power valves on Holley carburetors are usually trouble free, but they do occasionally require replacement. Engine modifications may dictate the use of a different power valve. You may want to chang... Read More »