Carbonated Water?

Answer its probably fine. i spent a month in Slovakia and the main water source was carbonated. very rarely did we actually have "regular" water... You are fine.Enjoy it!

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Carbonated Water Vs. Flat Water for Healthy Kidneys?

Drinking carbonated water actually will result in more pressure being put on the kidneys, according to the website Carbonated Seltzer Water. The kidneys, less than a pound in weight each, are alrea... Read More »

What does"carbonated water"mean?

Water that is carbonated has carbon dioxide (CO2) gas added to it. This, in turn, adds tiny bubbles to the water that "fizz." Carbonated water is also known as sparkling water, club soda or Seltzer... Read More »

What is carbonated water?

Carbonation is the process of carbon dioxide gas being infused into water.This gives carbonated water its characteristic sharp taste and release of bubbles. Carbonation may occur either naturally o... Read More »

What Happens When You Put Together Carbonated Water & Mentos?

Most people know that adding a Mentos mint to a bottle of Diet Coke produces an interesting fizzing fountain. Many people have wondered if the same thing can be accomplished with other carbonated b... Read More »