Car alarms?

Answer stay away from no name stuff because all they do is unlock your door and give no security protection.look into Clifford alarms they are very good and you can pick up for under $150 on some web site... Read More »

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What Are Lmi Alarms?

LMI alarms are alarms that utilize LMI technology to increase efficiency and improve the specificity of the alarm's function. This technology makes these alarms more sensitive and accurate than sta... Read More »

How to Use Bite Alarms?

Items, such as a fishing pole, bait, fishing net, bobbins and a bite alarm should always be included in your tackling box. The bite alarm sends out an alarm when a fish has hooked onto your fishing... Read More »

Are snooze alarms bad for you?

On One Hand: Extra Sleep Can Be GoodMost people stick to a regular waking schedule. The daily events that occur before going to bed bring irregularity to sleep time. Sleep deprivation can be a seri... Read More »

Who makes Rattler car alarms?

Directed Electronics manufactures Rattler car alarms. The company website provides owner's and installation guides. Access the guides from the home page by selecting "Support" and then choosing "Pr... Read More »