Car Welding Tips?

Answer Cars are made out of a lot of metal, and seriously damaged cars are often repaired at least partially through welding. Welding is the use of gas to create a very hot, precise flame that can melt me... Read More »

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Auto Welding Tips?

Welding on automotive body panels is not as easy as simply pointing the MIG gun at the area and pulling the trigger. Problems such as too much heat, burn-through and warping are very common auto-bo... Read More »

Welding Hints & Tips?

Welding is the process for joining materials (usually plastic or metal) by using pressure and heat to melt two pieces of material, along with a third filler material. For welders who use different ... Read More »

Tips on Welding Out of Position?

Welding out of position is a bit more complicated than flat-positioned welding. There are many things that you need to keep in mind, such as where you are standing, where the arc is going to be pla... Read More »

Overhead MIG Welding Tips?

Metal inert gas (MIG) welding overhead is a skill that you can master by applying a few techniques and by practicing. There is no magic technique that will make you weld perfectly the first time. T... Read More »