Car Tuning Secrets?

Answer Car tuning will help you get the maximum performance from your vehicle. Many different components of the car can be replaced with more powerful, performance-specific parts. You can change the type ... Read More »

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Engine Tuning Secrets?

Any book can tell you about the basics of engine tuning: provide more air to the engine for more power, match your heads/cam/compression for power and don't blow it up with nitrous oxide. However, ... Read More »

DIY Engine Tuning?

Your car's engine should be tuned up approximately every 35,000 miles, or every two years. Keeping up with this will prolong the car's lifespan, and can even get you better gas mileage. While it ca... Read More »

Tuning a Drag Car?

The main goal in drag racing, besides crossing the finish line first, is to get your car from zero to its top speed as quickly as possible. Drag cars race against each other on a straight strip of ... Read More »

Car Tuning Basics?

Tuning your car may include checking a few systems and replacing a few parts or a major inspection and main parts replacement, depending on engine mileage and your type of driving. Consult this gui... Read More »