Car Trim Repair?

Answer Auto trim mainly serves both an aesthetic and utilitarian purpose on most vehicles. The trim around windows and doors helps to form a seal that makes the doors and windows airtight and waterproof. ... Read More »

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How to Repair Trim & Soffit?

Trim and soffit are part of the installation process of siding. Soffit is installed under the eave of the house and allows air to circulate in and out of the attic. This soffit is held in place by ... Read More »

How to Repair Interior Trim?

Repairing wood trim in your home may be labor-intensive depending on the type of trim. Trim in older homes often is covered with six or seven layers of paint. Using the correct paint stripper and t... Read More »

How do I repair a gap in exterior wood trim?

Clean the Area Around the GapScrape the area around the gap in the exterior trim with a metal paint scraper. Sand the scraped area smooth with 100-grit sandpaper. Wipe sanding dust from the area wi... Read More »

How to Repair Window Trim From a Leak?

When it rains and you notice that water is getting into your car, chances are there is a leak in the window trim, caused by old caulking or cracks in the window. Instead of spending money on a cost... Read More »