Car Tire Markings Explained?

Answer Tires used to be so pretty; smooth, black and easy on the eyes, tires of yore were a study in the beauty of simplicity. Of course, those same tires were also a nightmare in terms of reliability, tr... Read More »

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Tire Wear Explained?

All tires become worn over time. Knowing when to replace worn tires is important for safe driving, and to prevent problems with other parts of the car (See References 1).

Neck markings?

yep, and old people wont sit down next to you on the bus

How to Read Capacitor Markings?

A capacitor is a device that stores electrical energy. It consists of two conducting plates separated by a layer of dielectric or non-conducting material. When current flows to the conducting plate... Read More »

How to Recognize Asian Markings?

To someone not familiar with Asian writing systems these markings can seem both foreign and bewildering. Often, the symbols used in writing these languages are far removed from the traditional Roma... Read More »