Car Suspension Problems?

Answer Problems with your car's suspension usually exhibit symptoms like abnormal pops, clunks or squeaks; unusual tire wear patterns; steering wheel pull; and front end shimmy (a side-to-side vibration o... Read More »

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Town Car Air Suspension Problems?

The Lincoln Town Car is a luxury sedan manufactured by Ford. One problem reported on the Town Car involves the air suspension, which can be detected and often resolved via some basic troubleshooting.

1995 Saturn Suspension Problems?

In its relatively short life, Saturn produced a number of ambitious and quietly revolutionary car designs. Though underpowered by today's standards, Saturns with their all-independent suspensions ... Read More »

How to Diagnose Front Suspension Problems?

Problems with a car's front suspension system can cause a variety of symptoms, including abnormal noises, abnormal tire wear, steering wheel pull, and front-end shimmy, which is a side-to-side vibr... Read More »

1995 Lincoln Town Car: Air Suspension Problems?

The 1995 Lincoln Town Car has faced its fare share of mechanical problems, leading to a voluntary recall for the vehicle by its manufacturer. Among problems that plagued the 1995 model were issues ... Read More »