Car Products Made From Waste or Recycled Products?

Answer Today's vehicles are around 95 percent recyclable, which means that the car you are driving today will eventually be a part of many other products in the future. Unfortunately, the percentage of re... Read More »

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Products Made From Recycled Tires?

About 290 million tires are thrown away in the United States each year, and about 27 million of those go into landfills. Around 75 percent of tires are recycled or reused. Many companies are using ... Read More »

How Is Metal Recycled & Made Into New Products?

Recycling metal follows a four-stage process, involving collection, processing, shredding and distribution. Recycled iron and steel are important to the steel industry, and recycling carbonated bev... Read More »

Unbleached Recycled Paper Products?

Bleaching is a process used in the paper industry to make the wood pulp or recycled paper whiter. Chemicals used include hydrogen peroxide, chlorine and sodium dithionite. When released into the en... Read More »

How to Use Recycled Products to Build Your Own Furniture?

More and more manufacturers, including those that make furniture, are using recycled material to make their products. This is great news for the planet, but not always such good news for the consu... Read More »