Car Painting Techniques?

Answer The car painting technique you use depends specifically on what application it's for. Some techniques are better suited for painting specific parts of the car, but there are also methods to paint t... Read More »

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Oil Painting Techniques: Painting the Sky?

Landscapes and seascapes are favorite subjects for many artists, both amateurs and professionals alike. One of the biggest challenges in many landscapes is reproducing the atmospheric effects of th... Read More »

Wet on Wet Techniques of Oil Painting?

Wet on wet oil painting techniques, also called wet into wet, provide a range of options for creating your painting. The wet into wet technique is simply the method of applying fresh oil paint into... Read More »

Painting Techniques for Dressers?

It can be difficult for amateur painters to generate a smooth painted finish on dressers. More often than not, they end up with unattractive, dried brushstrokes in the final finish. The right appli... Read More »

Techniques for Baroque Oil Painting?

The word "Baroque" in art refers to painting, architecture and sculpture created in the 17th century. Painting shifted during this period from the uber-intellectual and emotionally remote Mannerist... Read More »