Car Painting Procedures?

Answer To get the best paint job possible for your car, it's best if you bring it to a professional painter at a paint and body shop. But if you want a decent paint job that costs thousands of dollars les... Read More »

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VW Bug Painting Procedures?

Volkswagen Bugs have become a classic car for people to paint on their own, with many different models dating back to the middle of the 20th century. Painting these cars is not difficult--not nearl... Read More »

Auto Painting Procedures?

Painting a car properly is not an easy task and requires a lot of time and patience. After your car has been prepared for painting, such as removing rust and priming, you can start the process of ... Read More »

Silver Metallic Auto Painting Techniques & Procedures?

There are countless methods, applications and techniques for painting or dusting with metal flake. It has grown with technology to include pearls, candies, and chameleon, with a few of the newer fl... Read More »

What is spray painting in fabric painting?

Spray painting on fabric is similar to other types of spray painting, but special tools and equipment are needed. Common household spray paint does not absorb well and does not wash well. Using an ... Read More »