Car Overheats When Driving at High Speeds?

Answer Cooling systems are carefully balanced things, tuned very precisely to eliminate just enough engine heat within the packaging constraints of the vehicle. High-speed overheating isn't as simple a pr... Read More »

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What Is a Whining or Singing Noise From the Car When Driving at High Speeds?

When your car makes a high-pitched singing or whining sound while you drive at high speeds, it is helpful to do your own troubleshooting. Listen carefully to figure out where the sound comes from.

My body overheats randomly and it's driving me insane?

Hot flushes like this are normally hormone related and normally affect older ladies going through menopause - but they can happen to any one at any age.I wouldn't know why its happening to you, you... Read More »

What to Check When a Car Overheats?

If your car starts overheating while you are driving, turn off your air conditioner and turn on your heater to cool the engine off. Drive to a place where you can park the car and repair it. If the... Read More »

Why Does My Car Shake at High Speeds?

At high speeds, even the slightest problems with tires, drive components and suspension systems can be magnified and cause a car to shake. More than just an annoyance, the shaking can cause damage ... Read More »