Car Muffler Heat Shield Installation?

Answer The muffler heat shield is a metal shield bolted onto the chassis between the muffler and the fuel tank. The heat shield insulates the fuel tank from the heat emitted by the exhaust system coming f... Read More »

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What is a heat shield?

A heat shield is a barrier that acts as protection from high temperatures. Heat shields are used on the exterior of spacecraft to protect against the heat caused by friction with the atmosphere dur... Read More »

DIY Car Heat Shield?

The blistering sun shining through the windshield or back glass of a vehicle can dry rot and crack a dashboard panel or other interior surfaces. One way to help keep your vehicle cooler is a heat s... Read More »

What Is a Car Heat Shield?

A heat shield is a device which protects components from damage by absorbing or defusing heat. In automotive applications, the heat shield is designed to keep the heat generated by the internal com... Read More »

DIY Muffler Installation?

A proper exhaust system on a vehicle reduces automotive engine noise and pollutants emitted to the atmosphere. These exhaust systems are composed of long runs of pipe connected to a muffler that wo... Read More »