Car Insurance Terms Explained?

Answer Many terms used in the drafting of an insurance policy may be unfamiliar to you. Fully understanding the terminology used in your car insurance contract is the most reliable way to make sure you ha... Read More »

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Automobile Insurance Explained?

Car insurance can be confusing. It is not easy deciding which insurance coverage is necessary, but having the right coverage when an accident happens can save you thousands of dollars. There are ma... Read More »

Condo Insurance Explained?

Condominiums are insured differently than typical homes or apartments. In general, the outside of the building is insured by the condo association, while the unit owner bears the responsibility for... Read More »

Homeowner's Insurance Policies Explained?

Every owner of a home needs protection on such a large investment. Homeowner's insurance provides that protection and covers possible loss of property, possessions, or liability. Different types of... Read More »

Professional Indemnity Insurance Coverage Explained?

Professional indemnity insurance is a policy that protects the policy owner from financial loss due to mistakes or negligent acts of the insured that causes a loss to a party. There are many types ... Read More »